Welcome to Aloha 'Aina 'O Kamilo Nui

Aloha ‘Āina ‘O Kamilo Nui is a grassroots movement which speaks to community’s desire to maintain the agricultural lands of Kamilo Nui Valley. This movement is built upon a simple statement and powerful truth:

“Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.”

Our Mission

The mission of Aloha ‘Äina ‘O Kamilo Nui is to restore the Kamilo Nui Valley watershed as a sustainable, culturally and community-based model for agriculture land use and management, inspired in part by the Hawaiian traditional values of ahupua‘a for the benefit of future generations.

Our Vision Statement

Aloha ‘Äina ‘O Kamilo Nui shares a vision for Kamilo Nui Valley with the East Honolulu community, to keep the Valley in agriculture in perpetuity. We envision a partnership with current landowner Kamehameha Schools in order to mälama i ka ‘äina (steward the land) and support the perpetuation and practice of “‘ike Hawai’i” (understand Hawaiian culture, values, history, language, oral traditions, and literature.)

We hope to ignite, along with other community organizations, a Hawaiian cultural renaissance in East Honolulu, connecting Kamilo Nui Valley with Pähua Heiau and other cultural wahi pana (legendary places) in the area.

Our Goals

1. Restore Chrysanthemums of Hawai‘i as a self-sustaining and educational non-profit nursery dedicated to restoring the Kamilo Nui Valley watershed and inspiring people to embrace aloha ‘äina as a way of life;

2. Develop an Ahupua‘a Plan for this area;

3. Assist Kamilo Nui Valley farmers to use best management conservation practices in farming;

4. Increase food production in Kamilo Nui Valley and cultivate native plants;

5. Launch a placed-based learning program for area schools to promote responsible stewardship and caring for resources in the ahupua`a; and

6. Secure an agriculture easement for Kamilo Nui Valley

Aloha Aina O Kamilo Nui farm at the end of the farmers road in Hawaii Kai, sustained major damage to the property's infrastructure! Plans for restoration are currently underway. There is huge support from community members that volunteer their time or contribute monetarily. Plans to capture all this water would be a huge resource for Maunalua!

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